[in journals]

[in journals]


YabYum (Called Back Books Selections, May 2017)
three poems, “0.”

The Elephants (May 2017)
five poems, “0.”

Public Pool (Called Back Books Selections, April 2017)
two poems, “0.”

F U Z Z (#3, 2017)
nine poems from occident

White Stag: NeoGoddesses (Vol. III Issue II, December 2016)
four poems, “No Disaster”

Dusie (#20, Called Back Books Selections, October 2016)
three poems, “o”

The Laurel Review (Issue 49.1, June 2016)
two poems from occident

Ocean State Review (Vol. 6, 2016)
two poems from occident

Free Verse (Issue 26, 2015)
three poems from occident

jubilat (Number 28, 2015)
two poems, “o”

VOLT (Volume Twenty, 2015)
six poems from occident

kadar koli (#9, Summer 2014)
four poems from occident

The Volta (Issue #25, January 2014)
four poems, “o”

Witness (Vol. XXVI No. 3, Winter 2013)

The Offending Adam (Issue 157, October 2013)
three poems from occident

ILK (Issue Seven, January 2013)
three poems, “from OAK”